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Wild Child
Neapolitan Mastiff
For Sale Page
Beautiful tawny and blue Neapolitan Mastiff puppies and youngsters/teenagers 
are for sale and adoption available on occasion,
requesting an application please provide your name and phone number.
Nashville, TN USA

or 615-720-7507 (please text or email first)
We have 2 blue puppies available, contact for details and photos.
Taking reservations on limited basis for upcoming litter.
Neapolitan mastiff blue puppy
CH neapolitan mastiff sale
If you are interested a puppy from us we recommend you to do a reservation. Please provide your name, phone and price range requesting the application.
If you are not ready, uncertain, still looking around, etc, please get in touch when you are ready. We deal with serious people and home our dogs/puppies carefully.
The deposit is $500+ to reserve your puppy. More information can be seen on the puppies page
615-720-7507 Please text first or email
Also check our adoption page, sometimes we have dogs for adoption.
To see more stuff for sale: magazines, dog books; leather collars and leashes (dog equipment), etc.  click here
If you live up to 3 hours from us in driving range and interested to co-own one of our puppies or dogs, please let us know, we might consider 1-2 dogs/ puppies for co-ownership. Co-ownership is NOT free!!!
If you are a handler or planning to get involved with this breed seriously, and want to campaign and show (co-own with us), fell free to contact us, we sure will try to work something out.

Anonimous requests will not be answered.
1) Wild Child Kimba - Gorgeous, tawny adult male is for co-ownership or sale (champions` background, parents and grandies included).

Healthy, strong, muscled, correct, a lion-like movement, etc.; ears and tail cropped, cherry eye removed. House broken, crate trained, well mannered, mild tempered. Click on his name to see his photo and info.

2) Exceptional quality STUNNING puppy Neapolitan Mastiff male is for possible co-own to show home, contact for details, thank you. Not regular market offer.
We consider only serious inquires with application filled, references checked. Requesting an application, please provide your name, phone, price range), no time for e-mails which lead nowhere