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Wild Child Eldora
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Wild Child Eldora

Healthy, outstanding, strong, athletic, muscled; correct blue (color carrier) Neapolitan Mastiff one and a half + years old female, correct confirmation,
strong topline, in good shape, a lion-alike movements, defined rear angles; house trained, crate trained, well mannered, mild tempered. Can be trained and do a real work (service dog and other fields). Eldora`s  photos are in the video below.
Might be considered for co-ownership or sale
If cannot see the video, here is a link to youtube, click
Wild Child Eldora pedigree is outstanding;
de-wormed, vaccinated, cherry eyes removed , house trained.
good eyes (no entropion or ectropion).

Lineage: 2 times World Champion Venafro di Ardea, Rep Ch Zero di Ponzano, CH Noe del Gheno, CH Artu Del Gheno, etc.
Eldora is a RARE find, and a package, can be trained and do a real work, she is strong and well put in together dog.