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Neapolitan Mastiff

AKC Champion CH Wild Child Verona
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CH WC Verona is our bred, blue gorgeous female, a daughter of CH Reproducer, TOP AKC 2008 Stud awarded Wild Child Sun`s  and a grand daughter of
Champion and Best-in-Show winner; CHampion and Best-in-Show winners` reproducer, TOP AKC 2008 Stud Dog awarded  CH Samson.

She is AKC Champion (multiple BB - Best in Breed winner), has nice and correct body structure, wrinkled beautiful head, good in temper as much as both of her parents.

We are very happy to have her in our kennel ! We sure have waited for her for very long time.

Verona has been on the top 25 Eukanuba Qualifiers list as of January 2008 - January 2009, and on the TOP 10 AKC dogs list.
Verona is huge, very massive, muscled female, with wrinkled beautiful head, strong and great rear angulations.


Verona youtube video link (click)
1991 FCI Standard ("The Official Book of the Neapolitan Mastiff" by S. Allen)
Hindquarters: As a whole, they must be powerful and strong, in proportion with the body type of the dog, and capable of creating the impulsion desired in the movement.
Thigh: In length, it measures one-third of the height at the withers, and its slope from the horizontal is about 60. It is wide, with large, protruding muscles that are clearly demarcated from each other. The femur and the hip bone form a 90 angle with another.
Leg: In length, it is a little hsorter than the thigh, and it is angled at about 50-55. The bone is massive and the musculature is pronounced.
Knee (Stifle): The tibio-femoral (knee) angle is about 110-115.
Hock: It is very long with respect to the length of the leg. Its length is about 25% of the height at the withers. The tibio-tarsal (hock) joint forms an angle of 140-145.
Metatarsus: Comprised of massive bone, it is alsmost cylindrical in shape. it is perfectly plumb in its position, and its length is about 25 % of the height at the wiothers. Any dewclaws must be removed.
Smaller than the front feet, it is round, with tight toes. The digital pads are dry, hard and pigmented. The nails are storn, curved and of dark color.
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