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Wild Child
Neapolitan Mastiff

AKC Champion

CH Wild Child Beautiful Bear

Gone, but not forgotten, RIP
+1 demo: Neapolitan Mastiff tawny mastino
CH Wild Child Beautiful Bear - was one of the most beautiful and one of best Neapolitan Mastiff I have ever owned, time passes fast and breaks heart once again.

Bear, we shared so many joyful moments, and are so missed !

Rest in Peace, sweetheart.
In Memory of
AKC Champion Wild Child Beautiful Bear
Bear was our bred and owned, big tawny gorgeous female, a daughter of CH Reproducer, TOP AKC 2008 Stud awarded Wild Child Sun and
AKC TOP Brood female awarded, number 1 female in the country 2008 (breed points score), our beloved CH Wild Child Alaska.

Bear was Number 2 female in the country 2008 (AKC points breed score). 

Bear at 6 months old brought a trophy from 
World Dog Show 2007 and ATIMANA 2007 (Annual World Championship for the breed) in the ring "Puppies B" (6-9 months old),   was 6 months old to the day of the show.
Congratulations to your win, sweetheart !
(116 entries for Mastini this time).

Finished AKC Champion title at 15 months old and has been on the top 25 Eukanuba Qualifiers list, (January 2008 -January 2009, and on the TOP 10 AKC dogs list, multiply Best of Breed in AKC Dog Show rings.

She was big, athletic, well muscled female, with very beautiful head, strong topline, strong and great rear angulations, awesome movements, steady in behavior. Bear has been on the TOP Dogs Magazine  April - July 2008 and she is OFFA cardio and eye certified
1991 FCI Standard with S. Allen commentary ("The Official Book of the Neapolitan Mastiff")
Behavior and Character:
The character of the Neapolitan Mastiff is steady and loyal, not agressive or apt to bite without reason. As protector of his property and persons, he is always watchful, intelligent, noble, and majestic.
This description of the Mastino`s temperament differes from the 1968 standard which states, (The Mastino) is particularly adapted as a guard and personal defender. He is steady and calm, but agressive with strangers, especially when commanded to be so." The Newer description reflects the values of more modern society which tends to disparage ferocious people or animals. It mollifies the temperament in contrast to the ancient descriptions of the home guard mastiff. But even in downplaying the agressive nature of the mastino, the 1991 standard qualifies its description by stating, "not apt to bite without reason"